Selling Yourself In The Motor Trade

It sounds blunt to say, that without advertising and marketing, not many people will realise that you and your business exist. Unfortunately though, it’s true. If you own a small motor trade business on a quiet street in a small town, then it goes without saying, that only the people of the town and passers-by will know your business is there. Fortunately though there are a number of ways you can branch out and take your business to the people with varying forms of advertising.

The internet, newspapers, and industry-related magazines – they’re all useful and reliable places to advertise and build up a name for your business (providing that you do it properly of course!). Placing advertising within directories like the Yellow Pages, Newspapers and Magazines is a lot simpler than many people make out. You simply just apply to them with what you want to include in your ad, and they give you a price to show it.

According to, it’s also imperative that you have the correct insurance policy in place; either road risks or combined premises, as this is a legal requirement in the motor trade industry.

Online you have a number of options – you can register on a website such as Auto Trader, and create your own adverts for your vehicles there, or even go as full-on as getting your own websites built and designed. While being one of the most expensive ways to advertise, it can also provide the most professional look for your business, again, providing it’s done properly. Having a website with little-to-no work put in on its visuals is quite pointless as it will deter customers.

The main factor when advertising, whether it be in the broadsheets, or online, is remembering to keep your stock of vehicles and prices up to date. If a customer calls you or contacts you about a vehicle that has either changed in price, or been sold, yet is still being advertised, it will be an instant mark against you in their head. Making sure that everything you do keeps your business looking good is what it’s all about, so stay on top of all details that are available for public viewing, and match it to what your business is doing.


Money Making in Real Estate in Vancouver

There’s substantial cash to be made in the real estate of Vancouver and other cities. Seven out of ten Canadian millionaires have reached that position through well planned and executed real estate investments. You can also make this kind of money by following proven methods to profit from the real estate market. There are several seminars that offer insight and objective advice on real estate and the potential investments in it. These workshops are aimed to provide ample knowledge and information about ways to increase your wealth by investing efficiently in the real estate business.

You’ll get to understand how the real estate market operates and establish an investment strategy accordingly to fit your goals and aims. You’ll be able to improve your decision-making abilities to make informed decisions that’ll let you select the right property at the right location. By attending these seminars and workshops, you’ll be able to learn all about the investment options offered by real estate and all the financial formulas to apply.

The seminars also focus on teaching how to conduct research in the real estate business to find targets and helpful facts or stats. You’ll be able to understand all the creative financing options available to you. Insight into investing in condos or other recreational properties and tips on negotiating deals is also provided. These seminars also focus on guiding participants in developing a financing and purchase strategy and how to protect their investments when investing with other partners.

It is also important to select the right professional to take care of your needs such as a tax accountant, mortgage broker, insurance broker, lawyer, home inspector, and realtor. In short, these seminars are a great way to learn and understand the game of money making in the real estate business.