Is REIT A Concept You Should Adopt

Real estate investments require a lot of money, skills and even more professional knowledge to stay in the business and make some money. For those who are always looking for ways to make investing and working in realty easier, crowd funding and REIT have been a new opening. They allow average investors to make big money.

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Real Estate Investment Trust

A real estate investment fund or REIT is a very basic concept where more than two people come together to invest in real estate. Vancouver is a great place to look into this fund, honestly a lot of the owners of coal harbour real estate uses this. This sector, unlike other sectors can require thousands of dollars of investment. You may have all the expertise required for real estate deals but may not have enough capital. Or on the other end of the spectrum, you may have the financial support that is required for an investment as huge as real estate but do not have enough industry knowledge to make any decisions yourself.

So one person takes responsibility of your and other partner’s funds and decides to invest it in properties that seem to be appreciating quickly. This way you are investing in and getting benefits of premium properties that you would not have been able to access without monetary support from other members. This means more money for you in a lesser time.

The Criticism

Most people believe that REIT seems flawless on the fore but as you dig deeper, you realize it has its shortcomings. First of all the fund, managers who invest your money in the establishments of their choice ask for a huge fee. It does not matter if your investment does well or not, they will still charge you.

The second shortfall is the fact that you as an investor have very little control over where your money will be used. You cannot choose the property that you want to put your money in.

The Solution

Experts say it is better to either stick to the investments you can make with the knowledge you have or participate in crowd funding. Crowd funding is being hailed as a new concept where a lot of people raise small amounts of money individually to invest in a larger venture.

It is considered better than REIT as there are no fund managers here charging exorbitant fee. Also everyone’s money is equally at stake. Crowd funding also allows you to choose the properties you want to invest in.

Like every other business today, crowd funding too utilizes social media for reaching out.



Cheapest Houses In Vancouver Vs Cheapest Houses In Other Parts Of The World

The real estate market is starting to get everyone’s attention, which is not something that can be said very often.  Those who watch the market normally will be able to tell you that, unless you’re looking to buy or sell or you work in the business, the general public doesn’t tend to pay much attention to the market and the prices as they rise and fall.  Now, though, everyone has something to say about it.  It’s a never ending increase in digits that is causing concern around the city.  Looking at specifics, you can see how overpriced some of the homes are be comparing them to places around the world.


Depending on where you look in the world, you would have an idea of how much a house might cost, even if it’s just ballpark.  Even with a hike in price that you’d expect when regular market fluctuations, there’s a huge difference in price.  Take a house that was on the market in December of 2014 that was worth $892 000.  It’s a hefty price, still, for the size, but its location is prime right in downtown Vancouver.  In the report released in December, 2015, that same house was listed as being worth $993 000.  That is a 10%, a huge jump for as little amount of time as a year.  The number, continuing to climb, could be as high as 20% from the original price if the price continues to rise steadily until December, 2016.

When you look at the size and quality of the homes in the centre of Vancouver, you’ll be shocked at what the asking prices are, even if you’re used to seeing homes that you think are overpriced.  Let’s take a look at the specifics.

A home that sells in the heart of Vancouver for one million dollars has four bedrooms and is only 1700 sq feet.  It looks a little worn on the outside, and the inside is dated.  It’s a good home if you are just looking for something to tide you over, but it’s nowhere as glamourous as the price would suggest.

Now, homes that are “better priced” in Vancouver are coming in at about $650 000, but they are  smaller than the one million dollar one we looked at, and further away from the city, meaning a commute and all of the money needed for a car and maintenance must also be factored in.


When comparing the homes to other cities, you can look at somewhere close to home, like a two story one in Seattle.  It is located close to downtown and well maintained, coming in at around the same price.

As far as economy and cost of living go, Vancouver has some of the highest prices for homes in the world.  Those who are making average incomes will not be able to keep on top of the finances between owning a house and commuting to and from work, or if they can, they’ll be stretched right to the maximum.  It makes living, for the average person, a hard task to do when looking at Vancouver as a place to live.  It may be where the jobs are, but living and working are two different things that, unfortunately, rely on each other to make a life worth living.

What it all boils down to, is that living in Vancouver is expensive.  According to Eddie Yan’s post, the price of real estate has gone through the roof, making the quality of life lower and poorer for those who are looking for a place to live.  You can live practically anywhere else in the world for a much cheaper rate, assuming that you can get a job, too.  With the crisis continuing to build and climb, everyone living in Vancouver is working at making sure that they stay afloat in the rising tides of real estate and cost of living.  Everyone hopes that the tide will soon fall back down to survivable conditions.  Time will tell.


Content marketing’s uses for SEO

The present buzz in internet marketing is the fact that content-marketing may be the best strategy to improve increase sales and site position, bring consumers. By all means, it is not the complete alternative; but, it is a very important part of a marketer’s overall strategy. If you want to be competitive and successful, you should create well-published, relevant and useful information element of your marketing strategy.

Data is constantly obtaining on look and how consumers research in the current complex world and their formulas are constantly changing to be sure the best rank pages provide what people want. Since the launch of Google’s Hummingbird, more weight is directed at sites returning useful and appropriate data to search results. That’s why content-marketing is such a big deal. To be competitive you have to change.

According to Wikipedia “Content marketing is any advertising that requires sharing and the development of publishing content and media in order to acquire and keep customers.” Basically, content marketing is speaking with potential customers without selling. It is a way to provide useful information, develop your model and status as a professional in your niche and ultimately acquire customers. It’s an extremely effective strategy to achieve new people to your site.

Not merely is content-marketing a straightforward and effective solution to market and draw traffic, it is among the few tactics that is free. There are numerous article index sites to which you can submit articles. Visitors become a follower along with can access your site through links. It is also an excellent way to determine yourself as an expert in your niche. Use several article directory to increase your exposure and gain fans from the number of resources.

To be effective, your articles has to be well- highly relevant to your specific client and written and satisfy interests and their needs. It has to be a way to develop and sustain a partnership with your client. If you and that criteria regularly meet you’ll:

Relate to your readers
Build trust as an expert and reputable vendor
become an expert locally of expertise
If it is time to order become the location
Producing content-marketing part of your marketing strategy is important in the net market of today’s. If done properly, it is a robust and cost effective tool. Much of article marketing today arises from corporations attempting to sell their product which is pure advertising, lacking valuable information. Avoid this error. You will succeed when your site offers a good experience to your users.


Money Making in Real Estate in Vancouver

There’s substantial cash to be made in the real estate of Vancouver and other cities. Seven out of ten Canadian millionaires have reached that position through well planned and executed real estate investments. You can also make this kind of money by following proven methods to profit from the real estate market. There are several seminars that offer insight and objective advice on real estate and the potential investments in it. These workshops are aimed to provide ample knowledge and information about ways to increase your wealth by investing efficiently in the real estate business.

You’ll get to understand how the real estate market operates and establish an investment strategy accordingly to fit your goals and aims. You’ll be able to improve your decision-making abilities to make informed decisions that’ll let you select the right property at the right location. By attending these seminars and workshops, you’ll be able to learn all about the investment options offered by real estate and all the financial formulas to apply.

The seminars also focus on teaching how to conduct research in the real estate business to find targets and helpful facts or stats. You’ll be able to understand all the creative financing options available to you. Insight into investing in condos or other recreational properties and tips on negotiating deals is also provided. These seminars also focus on guiding participants in developing a financing and purchase strategy and how to protect their investments when investing with other partners.

It is also important to select the right professional to take care of your needs such as a tax accountant, mortgage broker, insurance broker, lawyer, home inspector, and realtor. In short, these seminars are a great way to learn and understand the game of money making in the real estate business.